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Hello! We are one of the SEO Guru or you can say Internet Marketing Guru or in simple words, We are Internet Marketer.

We already made Millions of Dollar online. Who is already a Internet Marketer, can easily understand what we are talking about. Here we come with a Giveaway Plan of Samsung Galaxy S4 or $500 Cash, which is sponsored by SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD. As soon as more Companies will sponsor us, we will add more Products and up to $800 Cash Amount in our Giveaway Plan.

And, because we are making good wealth online daily, we decided to donate the money to different Charitable Organisation in around 129 Countries worldwide. How many of you doing charity? There are millions of people making money online daily by different forums e.g., Clickbank, Blackhat, WSO Warriors, Facebook, YouTube, Google Adsense and Twitter etc… But the question is, “How many of them are doing charity?” , “How many WSO warriors and Blackhat VVIP Members are sharing their wealth with someone indeed?” And the answer is only 5-10% people are donating money.

So, we took a step forward to do some charity and fulfil someone’s dream and here we come with the Giveaway plan of Samsung Galaxy S4 or $500 Cash Amount ! We want to fulfil people dreams, who is dreaming about FREE Samsung Galaxy S4 or $500 Cash !

And we are doing it in very simple way. The 50% share of money people will spent here will be going for charity and the remaining 50% share of the money we will use for supporting our Giveaway Plan. Therefore, we designed this website for No Profit – No Loss.

Do some Charity (at least $5) and make a Child HAPPY Today… 🙂

From the desk of: HottDeal.com Team