Terms & Conditions

Everyone have to Register in our Affiliate Program to be participate to get a chance to grab the Samsung Galaxy S4 or $500 Cash along with 32 GB Pen Drive or Memory Card plus $40 Extra Cash ! For that you have to Pay the Registration Fees as minimum as $5.50 (including PayPal Processing Fees).

With this you have to Tweet and Follow us on Twitter, Like our page on Facebook, Subscribe us on YouTube and Google Plus, if you fail to do so then you registration will be cancle and you will not get anything. You can refer your friends through your Affiliate Link. Just Sign Up and get in.

We are accepting Payments only through PayPal. Kindly, provide your PayPal ID for Payouts your Commission Amount. If you are not able to pay Registration Fees through PayPal then send an email to affiliate@hottdeal.com along with your Affiliate ID.


Everyone have equal rights to participate to get Free Samsung Galaxy S4 or $500 Cash, of his choice. Doesn’t matter whichever Country you lived in. Once 62 Referrals will join under your Affiliate Link, you will receive $10 Cash Amount with either a 32 GB Pen Drive or a Memory Card or your choice. And when total 2046 Referrals will reach under your Affiliate Link, you will receive $30 Cash Amount with a Samsung Galaxy S4 Absolutely Free. You will get you freebie within 10 business days, after getting your kind reply. If we will fail to deliver the product for some reason or may be possible that the product you requested is not available in your area, then in that case we will transfer $530 Cash Amount in your PayPal Account.


You don’t have to worry about 2046 Referrals, you just have to worry about only 2 Referrals. Because our Affiliate Program is just like a chain reaction. At First Stage when 2 Referrals will join under you then you will receive $1 and at Second Stage when 4 Referrals will join under above the 2 Referrals then you will receive $2, like this at Third Stage you will receive $3, at Forth Stage $4, at Fifth Stage you will get either a 32 GB Pen Drive or a Memory Card, at Sixth Stage you will receive $6….. And at the Completing of Tenth Stage you will be get either a Free Samsung Galaxy S4 or $500 Cash Amount, of your choice.


Anyone can be register as many times as he want, there is no restrictions. You can track your Referrals at your Affiliate Center, after Log In to you Affiliate Center you will find Affiliate Stats Overview for This Month, where Number of Sales shows the Number of Referrals. And you don’t have to worry about Total Sales Amount, Total Commission Earned and Commission Level, because this is just for testing purpose.


The best part of our services is that, “The 50% share of your Registration Fees will go for the Charity in 129 different Country’s Organisation and NGO’s”. So not to worry about anything, spending $5.00 is just like eating a Pizza. Just give us a try and we will assured you that you will never be disappointed. You will be definitely get all the benefits that we promised.


We reserves all the rights to modify / alter / change / withdraw, this giveaway plan.

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